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    FS: 2 Pentium 4 2.4GHZ 1U Servers.

    Im not exactly sure if were allowed to sell on this forum, but I read the rules and it didn't say anything so I decided to give it a try.

    My site fell through and Im trying to recover some what of the price I spent on my server equipment. I have 2 of these servers.

    Pentium 4 533FSB 2.4ghz
    1GB DDR PC2100
    160GB WD 7200RPM Drive on one and 40GB Maxtor 7200RPM Drive on the other.
    Both are 12 inch 1u cases with 200w power supplies. The MB's are Gigabyte if im correct. Both have front I/O the one with a additional NIC.

    Paid around 2 grand for the pair from Racklogic (They have a 1 year limited warranty) in fremont in Sept 03, started use in november at 351 Mainstreet. Removed 2 weeks ago. Make an offer I can provide pictures upon request. Can ship but someone local (Im in the Bay Area, CA in fremont.) would be nice.

    My email is [email protected]

    If this post doesn't comply with site rules please delete it and Im sorry.

    Jerome Simon
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    In the future, just post this stuff in the hosting offers forum.

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    Moved. These types of posts only belong in the advertising forums.
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    could you tell me roughly how much you want for it, i only need 1

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    500 for the 40gb one 600 for the 160 i guess.

    Originally posted by codywatkins
    Moved. These types of posts only belong in the advertising forums.
    Oh ok thanks sorry for that.

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    doies it come with cdrom?

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    Originally posted by ewdi
    doies it come with cdrom?
    It has a front port IDE and a power connector. Hooking up a cd-rom or another ide drive for backups and such.

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    Bump anyone interested. Will part for 900 for both. Pick up preferred. Shipping can be worked out though.

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