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    244 introduces status365

    Customers can never be as informed as needed! proudly introduces a new service designed to strengenth the relationship between hosts and their clients: status365.

    Keep your customers always up-to-date in case your server, your datacenter or your network carrier is down. We offer you two places in two different datacenters in two different locations as a combo in order to host your "Emergency Info" pages. Your sites will be setup as: AND
    or AND

    Add the URL of your "Emergency Info" pages to the welcome email when creating accounts and send an additional email to your current customers to inform them where to find more information about possible future failures, reason of failure, expected length of service interruption etc.

    Only an informed customer is a happy customer!
    Be prepared for every possible technical failure. Big companies lost reputation due to the lack of communication. Keep your customers happy by keeping them informed no matter what happens. By having two "Emergency Info" websites in two different datacenters in two different locations, you are prepared for the worst case.

    Technical specifications
    Server 1:
    Datacenter: EV1Servers
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Dual Xeon 2 GHz
    1 GB RAM
    2 x 65 GB HDD
    RH Linux
    CPanel, full access to Fantastico

    Server 2:
    Datacenter: Wholesale Internet
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Intel P4 2.4 GHz
    1 GB RAM
    200 GB HDD
    Free BSD 4.8

    Domainnames you get: (server 1) AND (server 2)
    OR (server 2) AND (server 1)

    Acceptable Usage Policy
    We do not set limits on resources used (bandwidth, disk usage). However these websites are NOT intended for regular webhosting. Our resources can be used unmetered for the sole purpose of installing and maintaining an "Emergency Info" website for your customers. This offer is not good for installing and maintining a site for other purposes like unrelated downloads and files distribution, using our resources for spamming and any other activity which is beyond the explicit purpose of this offer.
    Any abuse results to immediate and without notice termination of the offending account.
    In order to purchase you need to order using a hosting business associated email address!

    18 US$ per 6 months period of service. We do not store CC data so there is no auto-extention of the service. We will inform you before service expiration in order to renew if wished.

    If you have a valid license of a product or if you are ordering this service together with one of our products, select "Current customers' discount" in order to get the discounted price of 9 US$ for the first 6 months period of service. This offer is good until end of March.

    Click below to purchase:

    We work for hosts!

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    Kosmo, is the server at Wholesale Internet in Chicago or Kansas City? I thought wholesale was based in KC.


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