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    looking for a specific host...

    I am at ev1servers right now, and I really have to say that I like them... except for the SCO payout.

    In any case, I need a new server, and am going to move away from ev1.

    I am looking for a host that can provide the following:

    • Company has its own NOC, redundant connections... etc, etc...

      Company restricts against "Adult Content" (or at least against pornography per se) in its AUP -- personal reasons

      I need a server with two drives (80gigs each or thereabout), a gig of ram, and Cpanel.

      Network backup option is a plus

    Any leads are welcome.


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    Any budget?

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    EV1servers doesn't restrict against adult content.

    The only place I can think up off hand that does is nocster -- but they DO offer adult hosting, just through a different part of their company (

    If you're willing to drop that requirement, ServerMatrix would be a good provider. They're offering a free second 80 GB drive with their servers this week.
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    ganast well i respect that point of you, we do the same we dont allow adult, porno on any server we ran regardless the DC allow it or not, this is how we work things out, so you dont have to look for that on the DC AUP you just make it so clear on your AUP and that will work you out.

    now i will advice you with 2 only SM or GNAX both will be good for you.

    again i highly respect that no adult part.
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    Thanks for the replies.


    budget is flexible... up to about $270/mo depending on services. This is not going to be a high volume server, and I will manage it myself.

    Two that I am looking at, although they don't meet the adult content "requirement" are and anyone have experinece with either of these?

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    Try going with GNAX as they seem to suit you needs and they have very good servers.
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