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    technical question

    i don't know this is the right place for this post .
    i have a website on a shared account on a server

    now i want to give a subdomain with a fixed disk space for spcific users on my site , but this space will be on other server

    now the tow problems is
    - how to put the subdomains in the other shared account on the second server .
    - how to make the subdomain with fixed disk space

    the tow accounts is on a linux servers

    i really needs solutions ,

    thanks for reaching this line .

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    1. You need to gain access to your DNS zone file. Or else contact your web host to point it for you.

    2. If the subdomain is on the same server, you might be able to do so via invision file manager. You might need to consult your web host to install that program for you as well.

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    thanks for ideas , anyother ideas or details as i didn't got it all understood

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    You can't do what you want to do. Basically you want to resell space it sounds like. Get a reseller plan. I could create a subdomain pointing to a folder/directory, but you can't limit the space.

    Sounds like you want to sell hosting from one shared hosted account and put those poor people on another shared account with a domain like and it sounds like a ripoff. I don't know, am I getting this all wrong. People won't help you if your trying to rip others off.

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    are u getting this all wrong ,

    yes you are ,

    the actual situation is that i'm making a developers site in which i'll give each developer X MB to host his stuff also he will be given a subdomain to make it easy for him to use the URL with his friends .

    this all will be free , but for the resources , i can get near 500-1000 MB from each hosting company i know no matter how , but this will allow me to not pay much , as this site as you see needs much space ,

    so what i asking for , is how to make the site extended on number of servers , as you see in this situation .

    thanks for details , any more ideas ?

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    No one can help you until you give us more info. First of all, to redirect a subdomain anywhere whether its on the same box or another box, the best way is to set up the dns entry to point to the server where the content lies, then on that server you have to set it up in apache witht he subdomain name. As far as setting quotas on a domain once again, your host may not even have the abilityto impose quotas, and if they do furthermore if your a hosting user, they may not allow you to do it.

    Your best bet would first of all tell us what control panel your using, the dns should be doable but the quotas on bandwidth may or may not be depending on your host. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    control panel is cpanel 8 .
    & the base account is shared account
    & the other account is a reseller account

    anymore details ?

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    is it possible that you create webhosting accounts with subdomains instead of domains and in your DNS Zone file give your NSs to subdomains..
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    Originally posted by domainwala
    is it possible that you create webhosting accounts with subdomains instead of domains and in your DNS Zone file give your NSs to subdomains..
    i think practically it's possible , but how could it be done in cpanel

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    with CPanel/WHM, you must try the same procedure you do for domains with sub-domains
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    thanks for help guys , i'll now check it with WHM , & tell you if i need something in it .

    thanks again

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    Hmmm, I tried this and could not get it to work, WHM will now allow you to set up an account on a domain that it already has an account on and using a subdomain did't fool it. Am I missing something?

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