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    A Good "Scheduled Mailing" Script?

    I have clients that pay via Paypal subscription, so I need to send them a "Thank you for paying" email once a month. Although most mailing list software can do this, I need to be able to SCHEDULE different days for different clients. So that a client whose account renews on the 15 receives the email on the 15th and a client whose account renews on the 21st receives it on the 21st...

    Anyone know of a script that will allow monthly scheduling of emails to different addresses on different days?

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    Couldnt you write up a Paypal IPN script that automagically sends them out an Email?

    Sounds pretty much what you would be looking for

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    Thanks for the recommendation, but I need it for 2CO recurring too, so this wouldn't work... and besides I have no clue when it comes to coding .

    I'm hoping I can find something "ready-made".

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    To answer my own thread ...

    I've found a script that will do what I want. In case someone else is looking for the same, it's called "Email Reminders" and can be found at

    When you set it up, just make sure that you set all of your reminders for the same hour, and then set the cron to run for the same. Otherwise the script has to be executed via cron EVERY hour to send all of the emails.

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