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    OsCommerce installation and customisation.


    I am looking for a number of quotes for the installation and customisation of OsCommerce.

    I have already got a web template to go with the redesign of my site.

    I need a number of the info boxes removed. The CSS changed. And the customer sign in to be removed.

    Just a ball park figure will do, as I am stil inthe planning stage.

    Please email sales(at) your quotes.


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    How complicated is your design and what version of OSCommerce are you running?

    I have created custom templates for OSCommerce using the MAX and LOADED versions (see below in the Dream Bundle). I would love to help.

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    Is it possible to disable the customer login of Oscommerce??

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    Sure, just use the Guest Account contribution at,1511 . Works great, althought it is not really compatible with the gift voucher contribution, if you have it installed.

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