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    WorldPay vs PAyPal

    I was in the process of setting up a WorldPay account, thinking that this was the only way to take UK debit cards.

    However, I've just found myself paying for something via PayPal for the first time ever, and found that I can actually pay via Switch (A UK Debit card).

    WorldPay charge a ridiculous amount of money (423 set up for billing and reoccuring billing), plus 4.5% of Credit Card orders.

    PayPal, on the other hand, costs nothing to setup, and takes only 2.9-3.4% plus pennies per transaction (my transactions will be high cost).

    So now I'm wondering - is there actually any worth with bothering with a WorldPay account? I may as well just have a PayPal account and say myself 423, yes?

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    I've heard that you dont even have to signup anymore to pay via paypal so thats another great incentive.

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    If you are selling tangible goods you have to make sure you are sending the goods to buyers billing address. Worldpay offers you all this information. And if there is a possibility of fraud worldpay will put caution to the transaction so you cant go much wrong. Now lets talk about the paypal

    Paypal donot provide you any protection if the buyer hasnt got a verified account and if the buyers address is not confirmed. If the person is paying straight with his credit card without verifying his account there is noway to find out if the address given is billing address.
    4.5 % buys you the piece of mind. I have been coned ovber 2000 via PAYPAL and there is more like me in nochex forums you may try NOCHEX.COM instead paypal if you are leaving in UK
    anyone with a debit card can pay you with nochex without registering first.
    And there is no chargeback problem with nochex.

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    Nochex is a terrible company, they often have outages and accounting problems and offer virtually zero support. PayPal on the other hand has excellent support and never make account errors etc. Ive never known them to be down.

    PayPal accepts all UK credit/debit cards including Switch/Maestro, Solo, Electron, Visa Delta, Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Never had any problems with them. Id highly recommend PayPal over Worldpay basically due to the fact that Worldpay are an utter rip off (but then RBS always have been) - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    74s3 - it seems that it is only being offered to some US based businesses:

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    I think it really comes down to how much money you want to spend and if you feel PayPal will hurt your image.
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    PayPal will charge you 1% more if the buyer is in another country.

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