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    nameserver tutorial and/or installation

    I was wondereing if anyone here could talk me through setting up and configurating either MS DNS Server 2003 (already installed on our server, but i can't figure it out) or BIND.

    I am willing to pay on a small budget - however i will also hope to be able to return the favor in means of referals, or hosting of any needs.


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    Can you provide some additional information? Eg., how many hosts, etc.

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    for now my goal is just to setup nameservers under my domain, and to host ~ 5 domains, but to add ~ 5 a month. I am not computer illiterate, just simply confused when it comes to the serverside of nameservers.

    As i said before i am on a small budget, but could afford to put a little moeny incentive among other things into this.

    thanks again

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