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    What is the best webhosting company out there? with required specifications

    My other thread was locked. So I am creating a new thread and with specifications this time.

    500MB - 1 GB Hard Disk Storage
    Unlimited Monthly Transfer
    70 POP E-Mail Accounts
    E-mail Aliases
    Web-based Control Panel
    CGI-bin Directory
    Security Services
    MySQL Database

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    My suggestion is that you NEVER look for hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth or space as the only think you'll be looking for then is trouble.

    Only my suggestion.
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    If your thread was locked it was for a reason.

    It's impossible to tell you the best host, there are many excellent hosts out there and a lot of people will give you different answers because we haven't all used every host there is.

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    Unlimited space and bandwidth are impossible, just think about it and you will figure out why

    You also can't classify a host as the "best" host - but I am sure people can suggest many hosting companies to you that they consider excellent

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    The reason your thread was probably locked is that Hosting requests are not permitted on this board. Therefore you probably violated rules.

    As for whom the best host is, that is a loaded question. For example, "abchosting" may be considered to be a awesome host by some, but there may be some who believe otherwise.

    Webhosting is a HIGHLY competitive business, and the way to find the best host is to find the best hosting for your particular needs. And the way to do that is to actually approach different hosts whom offer a package similar to your requirements.

    I would recommend that you utilize the Host Quote feature of the forum ( ) or check the shared hosting offers forum to see if any postings there meet your needs.
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    Why are you looking for unlimited bandwidth?
    You expect unlimited bandwidth? or you have exceeded your current bandwidth allottement? If so, what is your current monthly bandwidth usage?

    You should use that number as a starting point (not unlimited.)

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