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    why the need for a www ?

    My question to our webhost

    "with all of our sites it is necessary to enter the "www" in the url
    bar to get to the site. If there is no www, then the page loaded is an
    email login page. Is there any way to change this?"

    Their answer

    " the first rationale behind this is simply form
    and Internet etiquette. The other point is that, because of the way your
    internal web and mail servers are set up we need to maintain distinctions
    between your servers and our own. This may be able to change now as we have added true IMAP services your our network. Hope this answers your questions."

    what he said when we talked was that our web ip (with them) and internal server ip address are the same so to distinguish the two the www becomes necessary. (I think)

    I think sort of understand this situation but would really appreciate some advice and clarity.

    Given our reluctance to change hosts I asked them (the host) to solve the www problem with our sites.

    He said

    I have spoken to Engineering. Our reluctance to change the settings dates
    back to when Bob first set up your internal mail servers. Bob had some
    trouble getting them set up to work properly and asked us to set up a
    special configuration in our DNS and on our mail server.

    We can easily make the appropriate changes so that your users can omit the
    www prefix when visiting your websites. However, we do not know how the
    changes will affect your mail servers. The changes may break the servers
    and we cannot take any responsibilities for any mail problems.

    May I recommend that, as the BOB's replacement, you review your mail
    needs. As I had mentioned before we now can offer IMAP email accounts as
    BOB was originally interested in."

    what do you guys think of this?????????

    we have an internal mail server and access to that server via webmail , and we are a small office of 10 computers, if that makes a difference - oh, and the need for the www just started 3 months ago, before that it was fine.

    Please help

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    I think he's trying to tell you that they didn't have any idea what they were doing when they set up your domain.

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    have them use instead of for the mail server. If all they need is a domain name for the email...
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    Tell them to learn about the distinction between normal A records and MX records.....
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    Originally posted by userfriendly
    Tell them to learn about the distinction between normal A records and MX records.....

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