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Thread: stats jump?

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    stats jump?

    I'm trying to figure out what caused the stats on one of my sites to jump...

    here's the bare facts as an over view....

    From April 2003 - to December 2003 our average was 140-200 Unique visitors per month now in 2004 here's how they are stacking up:

    Jan04 - 132 Unique visitors
    Feb04 - 989 Unique visitors
    Mar04 - 634 Unique visitors (so far)

    I'm not doing any advertising other then usual word of mouth stuff that I've been doing for a long time anyway.

    Even with this increase there has been no increase in signups or sales question any more then our normal rates...

    So I'm at a loss as to why our stats have jumped... any ideas ...could it be a searchbot stuck in a loop hitting the site or something...?

    just looking for some ideas as what's going on

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    Install a counter on your homepage that will track where the hits are comming from.

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    I'm running Awstats..but it doesn't tell me anything useful really..

    the most I can see is this for March:

    Direct address / Bookmarks 88.6 %

    but really? I mean over 800 people with bookmarks or typing my usrl in without any increase in sales Q's?

    that doesn't seem right...

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    Are you using a dedicated IP address for the site?
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    Have a look in the RAW log files to see if its a search engine, you should be able to tell by the USER Agent which would be something like googlebot for google etc, I have had this happen to me once and the only way to fix it was to use the robots.txt file to stop the search engine querying the page.

    Also check the logs to see if the visitors are hitting one resource or if they are browsing the sites, perhaps you have someone hotlinking content from your website or something similar.

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    If you have submitted any software or tools in some site. You may get more hits from them.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Do you have your website set as your homepage on your computer? How often do you open your browser?

    Check out webalizer, it will give you the referrer stats on who else is referring, and the top IP's addresses hits come from.

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    Did you add any monitoring of your website ?
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