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    Backups not working anymore?

    Hello, I posted this on the cpanel forums but noone has replied.

    my server kept crashing everytime the backup ran because of the large amount of files on my site. So to solve this someone told me to log into WHM and enable the option:

    Incremental backup (only backup what has changed. (**No Compression**, not compatible w/ftp backups)

    However now my backups are not running at all anymore. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Instead of posting on cPanel's forums, have you tried submitting a support ticket to cPanel directly? - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    Oh sorry I always thought that their forums are what is used for support, thanks

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    I submitted the ticket

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    let us know the result
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    If they ever get back to me

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    hmm good point
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    It might take a few days but I've found them generally responsive.
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    Have you tried updating to the latest version?

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