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Thread: Colo in Ohio?

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    Colo in Ohio?

    I am currently a dedicated server customer (I provide hosting for many of my design clients) and am considering moving to colo. I am mostly interested in increasing the reliability of the hardware I use and setting up a HA/LB cluster-type situation. Basically, I want to reduce the amount of time spent supporting (and worrying about) the server and increase the amount of time spent supporting the client.

    I recently had the techs of a not-to-be-named dedicated server company run chkrootkit on my server (unrequested) and unplug it claiming it was hacked because a certain process was reported as "hidden". I called and convinced them it was ok and that I knew about it and that I hadn't been hacked - but not until after an hour of down time. They even admitted that their network had not detected any abnormal or bad traffic coming from my server. I have been with them for over a year and they have been pretty good but I'd like to have my own equipment so the techs will keep their hands off!

    So, I'm looking for a decent Colo in Ohio (preferrably in Columbus, Akron or Cleveland) that has a decent deal on 4U-8U and ~100GB-200GB fully burstable bandwidth. I don't need the best of the best but I do need something that is reliable and offers 24/7 access to the datacenter. Any suggestions? Any suggestions on how I can search locally for a company? What questions do I need to ask?

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    I'd recommend for Ohio collocation.
    John Kata

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    It can be tuff finding good service in Ohio. I recommend checking out if your looking to find a co-lo company in a specific area.

    Dustin Wright
    The Karcher Group

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    I would second what dwright said, it is probably going to be the best way to find colocation in your specific area.

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