I have been having problems setting up awstats, (problem is i just dont understand how it all works and how to set up cgi lol) I have mainly been a wan/lan admin and only know basic iis like how to set up web/ftp sites host headers dns etc

I have a windows 2003 server running IIS 6 and about 8 basic html sites. I dont have cgi installed or setup. I want to monitor all websites i will have on server so i can check data transfer mainly but also number of hits etc would be nice.

Could someone explain in simple terms how i would go about setting up cgi for each website and then how i would have to install awstats to monitor each webiste.

do i have to install awstats once for each site or will one install be able to monitor multiple sites.
do i need to set up cgi for each site or once for all sites etc....

my folder structure is LocalUser-- wwwroot-- (sitename)