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    Limiting concurrent downloads on a windows dedicated

    I have a windows dedicated server (2003 web).

    Anyone knows how to limit the amount of concurrent downloads per any file in a specific directory? say I got a file that I want no more than 2 concurrent connections from any IP to access, how do I go about that?

    btw, this is done to prevent people with Flashget, Reget and GoZilla to open multiple connections to a file and bringing my bandwidth way down. If you have any other solutions, please be my guest.

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    I'm not 100% sure, but I believe you can do this with Disk Quota's (might also require Active Directory).

    You might look into that a bit. Hope it helps!

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    You would need an ISAPI extension if you want to limit based on IP address (be careful, what about legitimate ones coming via a proxy - AOL anyone?). Better still, limit based on session, cookie or agent string to try and get a match.

    Anyway, have a google on "ISAPI limit concurrent", I bet there is a freeware/shareware extension out there.

    You can have a blanket limit for each website, but this is probably too restrictive.

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