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    IP addresses resolve.. but no access.. thoughts please!

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but I need some assistance.

    three days ago I lost access to 4 boxes, 2 in Rack Shack, and 2 from the planet, all controlled by the same pair of DNS servers.

    The ip addresses resolve, but a tracert gets as far as the datacenters but then timeout before completion.

    On one of the sites, I've had users complain that it has periodically 'disappeared' for them too, only for it to reappear again a few days later.

    This is the first time its happened to me, and ALL of the boxes become unavailable. Can anyone think of why I could not access these boxes ?

    If it helps, the ISP is

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    Just to add.. I've tried tracert routes from my own PC, and other web based trace routes, and all fail ONE hop before the target machine, but traceroutes from other people work fine...

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    Strange that they all disappear at the same time being in two different data centers. This must be a DNS issue, are all the servers/sites using the same DNS server then? That may be the root of your problems, not the servers themselves, specially if your clients use those DNS servers also, or DNS servers whose domains use the one DNS server
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    Having double checked, they don't all use the same DNS servers, and all four boxes all stop one hop before they should on a traceroute. (I know the boxes respond to ICMP traceroute because from another isp, those last lines do resolve).

    Whats even stranger, my isp is saying they can access all the sites without any problems, its just me!

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    I've had the same problem recently, but only on 1 out of 3 boxes at The Planet.

    Domains on the box in question are all resolved and have no setup issues. They periodically disappear across several different ISP's and doing a tracert to them gives "cannot resolve hostname" errors.

    Access is fine using IP address and client shortcut, i.e ipaddress/~username/

    I've submitted a ticket to Servermatrix but all I've had back so far is to check your WHM DNS entries. I'm waiting for more of a diagnosis.


    I hope someone finds the culprit soon, perhaps you could email me your IP addresses to see if we're on the same block.

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    current ip address from my cable broadband is
    I've also found that my modem driver site at www(dot)diamondmm(dot)com doesn't let me in either, saying my ip address is banned!

    Could this be related ? Is there a way to check if the IP has been put on some central ban list ?

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