I am now offering my Services for remote Administration.I have been in Unix/Linux Administration Field since last 4 and half years,
I have Expertise in Following OS's at Guru Level:

Linux (RedHat Linux 9, RHEL 2, RHEL 3(taroon) ),Slakware

\FreeBSD 4.3 to 4.9 with Datacenter Level work.
|- Solaris with Knowledge of strctural framework

MS Windows 98, 2000, 2000 Server and 2000 AS, MS Window 2003 with IIS5 and 6.

Other than these I have experience of working/configuring
PLESK5, and 6 with Tomcat enabled (self configured ) on any supported platforms.(except Windows)
Other panels Include mangement experience like:Cobalt,Cpanle,

My Other Expert level Servers list include:

Apache1.*, 2.0.* (Level Expert)
|- with DAV support and Secured for MPM-prefork Mechanism for FreeBSD
|- Other manuall configured Modules with apache2.0.* include
|---- PHP-4.2 and 4.3
|---- Mod_JK2 (For integartion with Tomcat 4.1 on Linux and FreeBSD)

|- Bind version 9
|- djbDNS:: howknow level

Qmail: (Level Guru)
|- with multiple Addons and Virtual Host mapping
|- Bulky mail server setup and necessary patching
|- using DJB supported Software and using builin Super Daemon inetd (Both on Linux and FreeBSD)
|- Can configure and setup with virtual host mapping ( Not tooo efficient)

Tomcat 4.* and 5 Series
(On FreeBSD and Linux Using JDK1.4) with apache2 integration.




Other Daily maintenance and adminstration tasks.
Currently I have a limited number of Servers with top 100 Ranking on alexa.com.

My Rates are at least $100 per Server per month which can be compansated with the number of servers being offered.

I work with times relative to South Asia Daytiming , it works like +5GMT as other clients are from that regions..


Paul Steve

MSN: [email protected]
YAHOO[e-mail only]: [email protected]