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    Graphic Designer/Desktop Publisher Required

    I'm starting up a business in Brisbane Australia. In the past I've created my own business cards, logo, flyers, posters and other advertising materials using my basic skills with Paint Shop Pro and MS Publisher.

    For this business however I want to get a great design from the start and I'm willing to pay someone to do it. I'd like to be able to use these materials over and over but be able to change simple things like contact details, times, text etc etc but of course the overall design can remain the same.

    I'd like to contract someone to produce the following, in colour, but functional in black and white:

    Business card
    Business card sized flyer/handout
    A4 Poster with pull tabs
    Half A4 flyer
    Quarter A4 flyer/postcard size flyer/handout

    Logo - using a logo that is consistant throughout for all materials.

    I'll provide the general copy, I just need it to be presented well.

    If feasible I don't mind if the work is completed remotely hence I am posting here. I'd like the contractor to be readily available for future work/changes when neccessary. If I could be provided with whatever I need for printing purposes I will take it to a printery in Brisbane (for example PDFs seem to sufficient for most printers). However as I can't make changes to PDFs I would still need another file format so as to be able to change basic text etc.

    I'm willing to take advice regarding the best way to go about this.

    My main concern is price as it is early days for this business. I can only afford to spend around a maximum of $400USD on this job, preferably less. To meet my budget I don't mind taking on a student or semi-professional that would like to express their talent and add to their portfolio etc.

    The only guidelines regarding design I can offer is the website, which is almost ready at I think a logo and colour scheme could be derived from that. But it has to sell so I don't mind deviating from that look if crucial for marketability.

    I'm willing to talk to anyone that will help.

    Please email me - [email protected]

    Thank you,

    Yaro Starak
    Aussie Tutor

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    Hi Yaro,

    I've used this company before with great success:

    Josh Powell.
    ServerSpotCheck - Is your website down?
    Skimpylink - Not as tiny as some but much cuter!

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    Thanks Josh I'll check them out. I'm still open to replies though, especially any Aussies!
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    Hey Yaro,

    I can help you out. Do you have aim/icq/ or msn that we can talk over?

    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    I'll second Josh. We have used The Logo Company 3 times in the past and they are great...and reasonably priced.
    - Sean

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    Hey there,

    I won't put a sales pitch and quote together until I know you like our style or have interest in our company. You can check our portfolio at


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    PixelDot ( can help

    You can see some logo samples at - We specialize in web design work, but also do quality print work for several local companies. We would be able to help your company without cracking deep into your budget.

    Please email me mdurrant [at] or send me a PM if you're interested.

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    Hi i'm a graphic designer too


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