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    problem setting up a name server, help plezzz

    i tried to setup my own nameserver, but somehow I got

    66.90.**.** NS1.XSTREAM1.NET
    66.90.**.** NS2.XSTREAM1.NET

    and i can't remove that from the system, how to remove that 2 thing because everytime i tried to removed it i got this error message :

    Sorry, the nameserver ip 66.90.**.** cannot be removing since it is still registered with an ICANN register.

    and I dont know what the h*** is XSTREAM1.NET

    and one more question, what's Reverse DNS (notify your datacenter to setup reverse dns for the IP addresses used)
    I dont know what it means...

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    Can you possibly add the new name servers, then delete those two?

    Reverse DNS is mainly needed for mail. You could experience mail not being delivered without a reverse DNS pointer record.

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    Who is your registrar, and what is the domain name under which you're trying to set up the DNS server?

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