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    I have a 1and1 root server - newbie....

    And I really like it. It is FAST. And I like Plesk. Reasonable easy to use. Have printed and read the 164 page manual. Not that I can do all that much with it. Yet. I have just always liked hosting and decided the best way to learn is trial by fire. I will start with a few of my own sites, and then get about 10 low traffic (but important!) client sites.

    Yes, there is a slight problem/delay getting some domains moved over. And I can tell tech support is quite busy. But they always answer the phone and do so 24 hours a day. For the price, I think they rock.

    OK, so now I have to learn alot and was wondering if there is anyone in this forum who would like to contract for a little work helping me get a proper firewall installed and teaching me how to do some upgrades to the Linux kernel, and when and why to do them?

    I am not after Fort Knox type security, but really do want to be reasonably secure.

    I have been hanging around this forum and it seems like a great bunch of folks.

    ps I tried the "managed" server, but really wanted the speed of direct access, the 1and1 panel can be painfully slow.



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    1and1 looks like a really good deal on servers and a well known company... they operate their own datacenter, i assume, right?

    What other providers operate deticated servers in their own datacenters? I've realized a lot just lease space at other big providers buildings.

    I've seen that 1and1, Nac, Serverplanet[theplanet]... but what about, server4you, server pronto?

    ServerPronto's $29/month server [though there is the set-up] seems like a pretty good deal to me... no restrictions, 200gb bandwidth.

    NAC's own 15minuteservers are cheap. I hear good things about NAC - is it a tier1 backbone provider? Or just a big DC?

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    Burstnet/Nocster owns their own facility, as does Liquid Web, and GNAX to name a few.

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    I just read an article on Andras Gauger the CEO of 1&1 in ComputerWorld today and he said that they are colocatted in data center in the US, and are building their own datacenter. He also said that they have 15 support people in the US, and have 150,000 of the free Hosted sites.

    Does anyone know when the new facility will be done?

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    What exactly is the different between a "root server" and a "managed server" at 1& If one is managed and the other isn't, how can they be the same price?


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    For the managed server you won't get root access so, basically, you can't break anything.

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