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    HiveMail Business manager attacking people?

    I just went to the HiveMail forums tonight and I saw their business manager deleting posts of people that were critical to their software as well as banning them for making personal attacks. I was going to post a few things about bugs and the people that he banned weren't making personal attacks on anybody, it was their business manager on the offensive attacking everyone. Should I be afraid to post by criticisms of the software or should I do it and see what happens?

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    Eek! I'd imagine they've lost a lot more sales than they gained by clearing up the critism. People have a right to report bugs and be criticial, people have a right to opinions, there are limits of course. When he says "personal" does he mean against an individual or company?
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    This is a large accusation, have some evidence you can link us to?
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    Probably not if the posts have been deleted


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    As the poster said, lots of it has been deleted, and I can confirm that stuff has been (I lurk there often)

    The thread involving the banning of a user

    Timothy was one of the users who openly criticised hivemail and the staff - I think they've just used it as an excuse to get rid of him.

    The staff there are really out of hand, and personally, and I can't stand it.

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    I would like to use this opportunity to say that we do NOT delete posts. Any posts that are removed are saved in case they are ever needed. That said, we rarely remove any posts at all. We obviously don't like the criticism but in general we feel people have a right to say it. (So long as it stays criticism about the product and not a personal attack.)

    Timothy was banned for violation of our forum rules. As I recall he is also banned from this very forum, and another user informs me he has actually been banned several times from here. Obviously he has a problem following posted rules. I will not make exceptions for people just because they are customers.

    Regarding the allegation of "we got rid of him because he was complaining", there are several other forum members who have been much more vocal, including Fahd, XMS, and others, and none of them have been banned, because none of them have sunk to the level of personally attacking anyone.
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    One other thing - despite the first poster's protests to the contrary, we have banned ONE customer from our forums, and that's Timothy.
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