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    Any other billing systems that accept ECHO payment?

    It seems ModernBill is the only one that accept ECHO. I checked other systems including LPanel, dramsystem and WHMAutoPilot, ClientExec, but none of them accept ECHO. Some say it's on the agenday, some say there is not enough demands for Echo. The reason I am asking is that ModernBill is the most expensive one among these systems.




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    ECHO has, as I understand, a built-in payment processing and gateway system so you don't need to use other software. All you need is for your shopping cart to be compatible. Because of this, ECHO is actually pretty cheap. Most other merchant accounts require you to buy a service such as But you don't need that with ECHO.

    ANYONE! PLEASE let me know if I got this wrong since I haven't signed up yet.

    I have been using osCommerce as my shopping cart product for my customers and osCommerce does have an ECHO module available for download from their contributions page.

    As far as my research is concerned, ECHO is a good value. Combine that with osCommerce (free & powerful), it appears that it's the best price combo available.

    Again, ANYONE please tell me if I missed something.


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    ECHO is a processing gateway just like is. The merchant account is from First Regional Bank.

    ECHO is a solid provider.

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