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    Who created

    Does anyone have any idea what design compnay/site created

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    I am pretty sure the league has a team of staff for the website and it was probably created by someone on staff, but of course I could be mistaken.
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    Whoever did it, designed ALL the MLB team sites, and made A LOT of money.

    - Felix.

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    The MLB site and the individual team sites are (as implied by the copyright notice on the bottom of each page) run by MLB Advanced Media, a business unit formed by Major League Baseball to run its Internet operations. The e-commerce side has been managed by Digital River, but in 2004 that's been taken over by GSI Commerce (according to this press release).

    MLB Advanced Media has a tech staff that produced and manages the site and manages the servers, which are located at a Cable and Wireless data center in New Jersey. Some technical details are in this article.
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    They might have gotten a outside company to develop the look and feel / functionality.

    Similar to was outsourced their site to Design company in NYC
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