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    is dathorn down?

    I cant seem to see the site, and all my sites are running slow...

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    I'm not familiar with "Dathorn", but if they are their website at that address has a lengthy explanation.

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    can anyone paste it, i cant seem to access the site.

    "The page cannot be displayed"

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    As you can see, our regular site, forums, and ticket system are currently offline. Meanwhile you can e-mail [email protected] for anything that you need. Please be sure to include your customer username and the server that you are on as well as a detailed description of the problem that you're experiencing. For more information please read the posts below.

    3/9/2004 @ 6:43PM CST - By Andrew T.
    The network issues at The Planet have now been resolved for the past 30 minutes or so and hopefully it will remain this way. These were caused by a DoS attack the affected every server on the router that we are on (it wasn't just us that was down). To help alleviate this in the future we've already purchased some additional DoS/flood protection hardware that will be installed later this week.

    Unfortunately, as we were about to begin examining what data was left on the drive for, one of techs at RackShack ( managed to format the wrong drive. We don't even stand a chance at recovering anything on there now. Currently this site is being hosted at The Planet which didn't help today's issues any. We're going to be changing to offsite DNS servers and will be transfering this domain back to RackShack so that we don't have these problems again. Our new DNS will also allow us to move these two domains very quickly. Once this is done we will begin restoring as much of the data as we can. However, to do this is going to require some input from every customer as we are missing different data from each so we will end up placing a basic form here on the site once we are prepared to handle this so please keep checking this page.

    I realize that this may be a bit of an inconvenience to some of you and by all means it certainly is to us. But looking ahead, this will turn out for the better as it has given us a good opportunity to redo things that needed to be changed. We are definetly here for the long run and will be "back" better than ever.

    3/9/2004 @ 11:44AM CST - By Andrew T.
    The Planet is currently experiencing some network issues and their network engineers are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

    Update @ 2:55PM - I've not been able to find out many details of what exactly is going on but Will C., The Planet's lead network engineer, is still working on this. Additionally, there is no need to send us e-mails regarding these issues as we are not going to respond to every single e-mail (there are hundreds of them at this point). Obviously we all know that there are problems and that they are being worked on as best as they can.

    3/9/2004 @ 9:51AM CST - By Andrew T.
    Right now we're working on the old drive for all of the data and may end up sending it to a data retrieval company to see if they can do anything with it. The last thing that we want to do at this point is to try and rebuild the missing portions and having to get every customer involved in the process. Other than that, it's business as usual. If you need any help/support/customer service simply e-mail [email protected].

    3/7/2004 @ 10:32PM CST - By Andrew T.
    The new DNS for both and are now beginning to work correctly from some locations and should work from all locations within the next 12-24 hours. If you are currently seeing this site when you go to then you can proceed to send e-mail to [email protected] instead of the Yahoo address listed below.

    3/7/2004 @ 2:55PM CST - By Andrew T.
    It appears that some of you are now having issues with your domains if they are hosted on nameservers. This is due to the fact that this down server is the one that hosted the DNS information. We've already updated the DNS information for both and to move them to a server here at The Planet and the DNS zones are all setup and ready to go. Unfortunately we are just stuck waiting for the changes to propagate.

    This would also be the reason why some of you are unable to access WHM via the URLs. If possible, use the direct IPs or your own domains.

    3/7/2004 @ 11:08AM CST - By Andrew T.
    As you can probably tell, all of our site, forums, ticket system, etc. are currently unavailable. We are working to correct this as soon as possible but this is going to be a fairly lengthy process (several days) as at first look we have partially corrupt backups as well. All customer servers should still be performing just fine and we will continue to monitor and work on them as needed. I will continue to post updates here as necessary.

    For the time being if you need support please e-mail [email protected] and we will try to keep up as best as we can. Be sure to include your customer (dis####) username and the server that you are on as well as a detailed description of your problem. If you are replying to a ticket with this please be sure to include all previous correspondences.
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    thanks mate

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