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    PHPNuke... changing stuff on the page

    There's a few things I've run into so far that it would be great if I could just get quick answers on how to change:

    #1: Adding CSS style sheet for dynamic text links
    Like, where do I put it, and how?

    #2: Changing the banners at the top of such pages as "Web Links"
    You may need to see my page to understand what I mean, it's at .. and then navigate to "Web Links". At the top theres the crappy web links banner with the search box underneath, etc... wondering how to change that...

    #3: Making link extensions shorter.
    For example, rather than having for one of my topic category hotlinks... how could I change that to like... ??? Is there a way?

    Those are all my questions for now... the quicker response the better.. thanks!

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    1. Look in the "themes/Your_theme/style/style.css" directory.

    2. Depending on your nuke version, you can either find them in the following location: "images/module_name" or "modules/Module_name/images".

    3. If you are running apache, you may want to look into a mod called "googletap" You can get it from NukeCops. It allows the majority of your site to have short links.
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    Ok thanks man!

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