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    P4 2.8 Ghz (800 Mhz FSB w/ HT), 5 Mbps $149/m. 10 Mbps $250/m. FREE Win2k or Linux!!!

    Dedicated Servers and Colocation in San Diego, CA. Offer by Rapid Grid (

    >>>>>>Dedicated Servers<<<<<<<<

    I have only one server available currently for lease:

    P4 2.8 Ghz (w/ Hyperthreading and 800 Mhz FSB!!), 512 MB ram, 40 GB hdd.
    -1 Available
    *RAM is fast 333 Mhz DDR 2700!
    *Your choice of Red hat, FreeBSD, or Windows 2000. Redhat 9 is currently installed. Win2k option or freeBSD will delay setup by 24-48 hours.

    $149/m for 5 Mbps Unmetered
    $249/m for 10 Mbps Unmetered
    Setup: FREE Setup


    ----Inexpensive Upgrades----

    Add Extra 80 GB hdd $79 one-time fee
    Add Extra 512 MB ram $49 one-time fee
    Add cPanel/WHM license $35/m, Free installation
    Extra IPs $2 / ip

    NOTE: These are in addition to the hardware you already have. So if you order an upgrade of 80 GB hdd, we would add that to the 40 GB hard drive you already have (1x40 GB + 1x80 GB).


    We can install any OS you like (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows2k, etc.)

    All Servers Include:
    -5 Free IPs
    -Free Reboots
    -Free OS reinstalls
    -Free control panel installs

    Ping Test IP:
    Bandwidth: Cogent Only w/ Williams available as a backup.
    Uptime Guarantee: 99.9% network uptime SLA
    Location: San Diego, CA. CARI datacenter.


    Colocation Special for Single Servers (rack or tower):
    $49/m (includes 1 Mbps bandwidth ~ 300 GB) + Get your first month FREE when you colo with us!

    Colocation for muliple servers:
    1/4 Rack $200/m, Free Setup
    1/2 Rack $350/m, Free Setup
    Full Rack (42 U) $590/m, Free Setup

    Bandwidth Pricing (for mulitple servers)
    1 Mbps $90/m ($90/Mbps)
    5 Mbps $400/m ($80/Mbps)
    10 Mbps $750/m ($75/Mbps)


    Please email me if you have any questions ([email protected]) and I shall respond as fast as possible!
    My AIM sn: saifullah77
    Saifullah Nasir (AIM: saifullah77)

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    could i have a file to speed test and an ip to ping thanks

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    Server has been sold already but I just pm'd you the link and IP.
    Saifullah Nasir (AIM: saifullah77)

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