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    Template Moster Redesign requested

    Budget $60, paid after satisfied work accepted.

    Need a Template-Monster Flash based template modified to tailor the template to my general them, and applied to my main core demographics.

    Will require the changing of button names, addition or embedding of PSD / JPG images cleanly into the flash design, and modification of images away from the “Standard Company Name” used to create the template, to make it tailored for our community.
    “Some” Details Needed Done:

    1. Update all pages of the template with supplied data, so that content can be created in the relative folders, to feed the site.

    2. Small Images at the bottom replaced, like the Copyright statement images, with the current site URL.

    3. Header remains intact, but the body gets wiped out with maybe just an open cell, so the content can be added, and the template still functions normally at different browser resolutions.

    4. Main Flash Header Changes:

    a. Name changed to BOC FISH-OFF, in place of the game logo currently their.

    b. Our Logo placed in the background, to brand the template, and the other logo placed on the suit of the soldier to appear as part of the suit. Would love it to animate in the face shield, as part of the animation.

    c. Button data replaced with the words indicated, and the total bar resized to fit the browser/template, and works in different browser resolutions. Buttons point to a logical folder on the server, so that content, can be updated. running own server, so if you name folders in the links, I should be able to figure it out.

    Template to be used as a site to host our main sites online catfishing tournaments.


    Will provide template, and logo's to the selected designer. (1) logo is in PSD form, and easy to work with, the outline will be in JPG form.

    Template will need to be uploaded to (1) of our servers for download, just based on the files size. I would hope to retrieve the work from your server, in similar fashion, upon completion. Will provide a screen image of changes for visual representation, to aid in visualizing what I want.

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    I will do it, I have PM you

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    alrite i email you some of my work hope you enjoy it

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