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    Unusually long boot time


    I recently got a virus on my computer. My virus checker found and deleted it, but windows started displaying 'cannot find system32.exe' I did a search and found this is a common fault, and after following the advice here, . I managed to sort it! I also ran hijackthis and deleted any system32 files.

    Now everything's fine, apart from when I turn on my computer it stays about an extra 30 seconds on the screen with 'Windows XP Professional (and the green loading bar)

    This seems very unusual, and is very irritating. Does anyone know how to correct this? Is it a common problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Very Funny!

    Can anybody else help though?!

    I tried reinstalling Windows, and still, the problem remains......

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    do u have norton ghost?use this to do the job(read it's intruction to find out).Dont use quick format,format whole drive even other partitions.make sure it format completely...then install windows.Last thing is check your HDD or CD-rom,last time i have the proplem with my cd-rom,it couldn't read cd correctly,i thought the software proplem or virus ,but it wasn't then i changed the cd-rom now it works fine.good luck

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