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    Advise on Windows dedicated hosting

    Greetings everybody.

    I work for a small website developing company. Currently, we have approx. 13 low-traffic, low CPU requirement websites with their corresponding domain names.

    We host all these -shared hostings- in different providers , like interland.

    I want to open a dedicated server (we are already paying more than US 100 /mo for all these) to host all these websites and host the new ones that we develop.

    My current needs are:
    * Being able to host several domain names (but I donīt want to set up DNS servers. This is the only thing I still want to run off the dedicated server)
    * Being able to configure email for each domain(as many boxes as I want for each domain)
    * Being able to configure IIS to host websites
    * Being able to use Access databases (some of our websites have ASP scripts over Access)
    * Budget range: US 100- 130

    I checked c-net's recomendations (BTW are they for real, or are they paid by hosting companies?) and started checking possible providers.

    Interland is out of the game, because Im already a customer and their service sucks completely. I was a InnerHost customer, but since Interland aquired it, their great service was completely dismantled .

    I liked, standard service, but I'm not sure if they offer the DNS service I need.

    We have skilled personal for configuring server. We don't want to configure DNS because it would require two boxes (to do it the right way) and also because it is preferable to have some dedicated fast machine for it.

    The one I liked the most, is ActiveServe. They bundle SmarterMail Email server and offer their DNS servers thru some control panel. They don't even requiere signing up long term contract (can cancel any month) and they also offer a 99.9% network uptime warranty. I would like to recieve feedback on this one, because I havenīt been able to find anything here or on Google about it.

    Also, any other recomendations, ideas, etc. comments about what i'm planning to do, would be great!

    Camilo A

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