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    Advise on Windows dedicated hosting

    Greetings everybody.

    I work for a small website developing company. Currently, we have approx. 13 low-traffic, low CPU requirement websites with their corresponding domain names.

    We host all these -shared hostings- in different providers , like interland.

    I want to open a dedicated server (we are already paying more than US 100 /mo for all these) to host all these websites and host the new ones that we develop.

    My current needs are:
    * Being able to host several domain names (but I donīt want to set up DNS servers. This is the only thing I still want to run off the dedicated server)
    * Being able to configure email for each domain(as many boxes as I want for each domain)
    * Being able to configure IIS to host websites
    * Being able to use Access databases (some of our websites have ASP scripts over Access)
    * Budget range: US 100- 130

    I checked c-net's recomendations (BTW are they for real, or are they paid by hosting companies?) and started checking possible providers.

    Interland is out of the game, because Im already a customer and their service sucks completely. I was a InnerHost customer, but since Interland aquired it, their great service was completely dismantled .

    I liked, standard service, but I'm not sure if they offer the DNS service I need. .

    We have skilled personal for configuring server. We don't want to configure DNS because it would require two boxes (to do it the right way) and also because it is preferable to have some dedicated fast machine for it.

    The one I liked the most, is ActiveServe. They bundle SmarterMail Email server and offer their DNS servers thru some control panel. They don't even requiere signing up long term contract (can cancel any month) and they also offer a 99.9% network uptime warranty. I would like to recieve feedback on this one, because I havenīt been able to find anything here or on Google about it.

    Also, any other recomendations, ideas, etc. comments about what i'm planning to do, would be great!

    Camilo A

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    ... question

    do you need web based mail or will standard POP3 do..?
    What about IPs.. any of these sites running SSL?

    I'm moving some stuff to dedicated servers at, but it's definately "no frills".. you'll be starting with a blank canvas.

    We moved out of Interland as well.. wasn't impressed, although they weren't terrible.

    By hosting on the Windows platform (ASP/ MDB), as we do, you'll be hard pressed to find rock bottom prices on dedicated servers like you can find in the *nix world.. but you *can* get it done. It all depends on what level of "features", support, and performance you need. Do your homework.

    my 2 cents

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    Thanks for your interest.

    I need POP3, and web access as well. I wouldn't care If I have to set up the email server myself; the problem is taht I don't know any freeware email server.

    Also, one IP will do. No SSL on any site.

    As you can see it's quite very simple:
    * multiple domains
    * Email (POP3, SMTP, web access)
    * One IP
    * IIS

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    Web Mail

    You'll be hard pressed to find a free, *decent*, windows based email server with web mail integrated... you can do it with something like Xmail and UebiMiau, but you'll end up spending a bunch of time tweaking everything and getting it to work. Personally, in the 4 hours I would spend messing with it, I could bill someone enough to pay for a better solution with alot less headache.. but the option is there.

    I use Imail and recently started putting MailEnable on some servers.. Imail is easy to maintain and has some nice features, but it's on the higher end of the price tag spectrum (it's AV pricing is borderline absurd). MailEnable however, is pretty impressive, requires a little reading but is pretty straightforward in it's setup, (I did it correctly first time through having never seen it before), and is gentle on the wallet... so you may want to take a look at it.

    MailEnable Standard Edition (which has no web mail) is free..

    Pro.. which DOES have webmail is $195 per physical server..
    Pro also has antivirus plugins etc..

    I can say that I'm happy with it and I'll probably use it from now on.. give it a look:

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    I would suggest ServerMatrix to you for the dedicated server. Awesome 24/7 phone tech support, and very reliable equipment. Prices range from $59.00 - 279.00 per month.

    I'll have to agree with what was stated above about MailEnable. I currently use MailEnable Pro. In my opinion, the price is well justified when you see how well the webmail and webadmin interfaces are integrated into the program. Also the built in virus protection/scanning is a must nowdays. However, if costs must be kept to a minimum, IllohaMail is a free GPL webmail system that can be setup to allow anyone to check any POP3 or IMAP mail. Very nice, just no web administration.

    As far as DNS goes, you can use ServerMatrix's DNS servers. After the initial setup of your domains, everything can be done through the control panel provided.

    If you'd like to demo the MailEnable's web system, contact me via one of the Instant Messengers listed below or via email.

    Good luck!

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    Camilo99, I was in exactly the same position (even down to using Interland) 15 months ago. We went:

    1) ServerMatrix using their SuperServer 2.4 package
    2) MailEnable Pro, bargain at $175 one off cost.
    3) My own DNS (my SM box and another box on a DSL line) - DNS is really low traffic, so it is not an issue. However, look at services from or My bugbear with SM's DNS offering is that its all done through their support desk - not sure why they do not offer real time DNS management (would make their life easier too!) - which is why I do not use it.

    Depending on where you are physically located, be careful where you host. We currently have regular issues accessing our server (which is of no fault of SM) as we route over a regularly overloaded router on the network.

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