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    Unhappy Help! & Names4ever (

    Warning! & (Names4ever)

    Do not take the risk of registering your domain name through or directly through ( 2 1/2 months, 3 dozen emails, 6 contacts, several phone calls,
    & 19.90 worth of failed domain transfer request ($9.95 each) to (no complaints with them),
    and still no solution! You go to Whois and type in my domain name and what you get is "no match...."
    None of my information shows up! At one point they were able to get my information uploaded but that
    only lasted for two days! The webpage is up but I can't transfer my domain name until this problem
    is resolved. I want this problem solved now and a reimbursement of both my failed domain transfer request
    either from or Names4ever ( However, everytime I email them to ask for a reimbursement
    they ignore the email. They only respond when I don't mention reimbursement.....

    Has anyone else experienced similiar problems? If so, what was wrong? How was it solved? Maybe I can
    forward the answer to & ( because they don't have a clue! Help!

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    Yikes, let's hope this is the only bad situation with the above companies.

    Hopefully you'll have better luck in the future. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    Do a search for Cedant here at WHT and on google. You will find some interesting reading.

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    I did not know that owned cedant.
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    I also had a bad experience with names4ever a couple of months ago...


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    Originally posted by Odd Fact
    Do a search for Cedant here at WHT and on google. You will find some interesting reading.
    Wow! I didn't know that Cedant was acquired by and they were dropped from the BBB! I wish I knew about this before I originally signed up with them a couple of years ago. Thanks for the info.......!

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    Cedant used to be a very reliable host in the late 90s. And they were also a reseller of Bulkregistrar and Alabanza.

    Now a friend of mine can't even change her DNS info. Is there any way to get her domain out of Cedant and out of names4ever? I can't get a decent query about her name in the whois and I'm afraid that names4ever might have hijacked her domain by making themselves the admin contact.
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    Funny conversation I had today with

    bazilt: Thank you for choosing Aplus! I'll bet you have questions on our web hosting plans. Please join me for a secure and private chat.

    Visitor04297: Hi, I have a question about your "Unlimited Transfer".

    bazilt: hi

    bazilt: yes, go ahead

    Visitor04297: I'm a hosting reseller, and several of my clients have some huge websites. They'd like to put their image files somewhere else to save on bandwidth.

    bazilt: this is ok

    Visitor04297: Does unlimited include about 1500 GB/month of transfer?

    bazilt: I was not able to understand are you a customer of ours?

    Visitor04297: no. I'm wondering if I can put some of my customer's files on your server.

    Visitor04297: Right now, they're using about 1500 GB/month of transfer.

    bazilt: this is a huge amount of transfer

    Visitor04297: It's costing me about $350/month, and getting unlimited web hosting for $35/month would save a lot of money.

    bazilt: yes I know

    bazilt: but such an amount will be generated by a lot of visitors

    bazilt: correct?

    Visitor04297: yes.

    bazilt: this will cause our shared hosting server to overload

    bazilt: I would recommend you a dedicated server plan

    Visitor04297: so it really isn't "unlimited". Darnit.
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    I registered my domain with cedant back in the year 2000, and I've been renewing with them ever since. The problem is now they've become and my domain does not even have whois records. I can't even change the dns info. Is there a way I could possibly pull out my domain and transfer registrars, and if so can someone suggest a good, reliable, and reasonably priced registrar? now!

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    nothing us UNLIMITED heh, even ppl who advertise to use UNLIMITED space/traffic like the old simplenet somewhere in their SLA it mentions (without exceeding %2 of server total resources)

    which really isn't UNLIMITED!
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    Also search on here to see how they are calling the clients of other registrars and hosts and trying to solicit their business. Even ignoring the national do not call registry.

    These are nasty people. Stay well clear.

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    I get a kick out of these people they get people to cold call/solicit business who can barely speak. Pathetic
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    Cedant used to be fantastic two or three years ago.

    After changing its technology two years ago, started to decrease its support speediness and quality panel control

    This year, they didn´t answer some of my emails asking for support help , so I decided to change my host provider.

    As soon as I did, I asked to cedant for:

    1) My money back guarantee.

    2) To have credited 200 clicks through my web page, because I used its affilate program, and didn´t notice I had to recieve money from them until I decided leave Cedant.

    It means, 50 USD.

    I´ve not received any answer of all my inquires

    Actually, they´ve been blocked my hotmail address, so I can´t drop any email to them.

    I´ve tried to use my webmaster account to give a try today.

    Leave Cedant as soon as possible to avoid these problems. I used to be a Cedant client for three years. I used to be a satisfied and delighted cedant customer, but no anymore. is a good registrar for domain names.

    I´ve heard fantastic thinghs about quality service from as registrar.

    They were so kind (Melbourne) when I asked them some cuestions. They´re not the cheapest, but the support service is nice.

    Best regards,

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