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    * Setting up your OWN site & email in WHM

    Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I'm new to WHM/Cpanel and still learning.

    I'm currently using WHM on a VPS. I know how to set up accounts in Cpanel and Reseller accounts in the WHM. But my question is, how do I easily access my own resources for my own website. Meaning, do I need to make myself a reseller account so that I can easily use all the features via the control panel such as web based email, FTP, ect?

    I am used to working with reseller accounts in Hsphere. In Hsphere you would make your self a separate administrator account just like any other plan, you would simply only allow yourself to signup for it and no customers. And you would run your own personal site from the account you made for yourself.

    I didn't see this mentioned in the WHM documents. So I'm wondering if that is how you would also use the WHM, when it comes to hosting your own account, on the domain you signed up with?

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    That is the URL we give to our customers

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    Yes, you have to setup your domain in your WHM(root) to utilise the features in WHM/Cpanel.

    There are 2 options:

    1)Create a reseller account for yourself/domain and this allows you to create new accounts using your WHM(Reseller)

    1a)A reseller also have their own Cpanel besides the WHM(Reseller) to control their own clients.

    1b)All clients will have their own Cpanel to manage their website.

    2)Create a single account in WHM(root) with the allocated package and without any reseller features and this does not have the WHM(Reseller) but only the Cpanel where you only need it for example mails, databases, etc, etc, to manage your website.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you!

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