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    * Nameservers Vs. registrar

    I have been given the duty to host a site which is registered with Network Solutions. We are using nameservers here. Anyone help with what I would need to contact Network Solutions for...tell them what the IP addresses were going to use? Anything else?

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    If your refferring to the process of changing the nameservers at network solutions then you need to log into the control panel there and do it yourself.

    or am I mising something in your question?

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    No, I think you have got it. I will see shortly. See I don't own the web-site. We are doing this as a favor. The web-ste is owned by someone else, and they are asking us to host it for awhile. It is not even a valid url yet. So, I need the owner to contact Network Solutions, tell them here are the new addresses in which he wants the web-site to point to our nameservers. Does that make sense?

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    Yes, he or she will want to log in to NSI's console and update the nameservers or host servers or DNS servers or whatever they've decided to call them, so that your organization's nameservers are listed there. Then you'll need to add the domain to your nameservers, and add records pointing it to your web and mail servers.

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    Thanks Dan_erat! I am now attempting to configure the the external IP address on the ISA firewall in which I am stuck on. Need to find how to assign to the array. So, far so good.

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    Good luck; I can't help you there. :)

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