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    difference bewteen 'shutdown - now' and front panel reboot?

    I have a very tricky problem on my Raq4 box. The server sporadicly locks, and is blocking all incoming and outgoing traffic. After calling a manual reboot from the ISP, the server is running fine again. We couldn't find the cause of the actual problem yet, so as a temp. solution, we wrote a little cron job which automaticly reboots the server when it isn't able to communcate with outside world anymore. The script actually is working fine, and reboots the server when it locks again, but afterwards the server is still offline! Again, only a manual reboot from the front panel solves the problem. So my question is, how is the "shutdown -r now" comannd any diferent from doing a manual rboot from the fron panel?

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    When I'm in telnet/ssh, I just tell it to "reboot", and it works fine.

    I havent tried it lately since I'm running the 550OS on a RaQ4.
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    I don't know the difference between the front LED panel and a shutdown -r now command but I do know there is a slight difference from the Web Administration screen on port :81 than just the shutdown command.

    When you click reboot from the admin web page, it calls to reboot.cgi in /usr/admserv/cgi-bin/.cobalt/reboot/reboot.cgi

    Within the CGI script there is one thing it does prior to doing a shutdown -r now comand.

    # Create a monitor lock file to prevent monitor from running
    # while we reboot
    close MONLOCK;

    `/sbin/shutdown -r now`;

    So that creates a monitor lock file to prevent monitor from running while there is a reboot.

    Now to just find out what the Front Panel is doing differently.

    As far as to reply to the post previous to mine. Is a reboot command all that much different than a shutdown -r now command? Also is sounds like the machine problem that Floid is describing, is unable to make a SSH or Telnet connection to be able to run that command when the problem occurs.

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