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    Free Php Email Form For First 4 Inquiries

    Offer has been filled.

    Hey WHT,

    My name is Patrick Paul, I am a coder of 3 years, specializing in PHP and MySQL Web Development. I have worked on numerous projects from email forms, to vBulletin integrations, to CMS systems. I do not have a full portfolio up because I have been very busy.

    Last night I sat down and made up a *temporary* page to display a handful of projects I've done (in the next few days I will be redesigning and adding many more projects to my portfolio). You can view just a few forms I've done here.

    Anyways, I know you are all here because of the phrase "FREE EMAIL FORM" in the title so I'll lay that deal down now.

    For the first 4 people who contact me and fully explain their form needed will receive it free of charge!.

    Free form includes
    Up to 8 fields (radio/list groups count as 2)
    Check for blanks
    Will email to 1 person.

    Extra fields
    Email verification
    Send to MySQL

    I encourage you to contact me ASAP using one of the following methods:

    Email: patrick.paul [AT] mesopia [DOT] com
    AIM (preferred): WrldsGreatestOne
    ICQ (preferred): 221522531
    You can also simply post here. However, please post here before PMing me..

    One rule, if you are requesting a form, it must be needed right away. Please do not contact me trying to reserve spots for something you need in a week.

    Didn't get in the top 4?!
    Not a problem! All free forms have a cash value of $7 (payable via PayPal). Contact me using the same methods and we can work something out!

    Check out my portfolio here!


    Offer has been filled.
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    The 1st spot has been filled!

    3 spots still remain however!

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    I'll take 2nd
    [email protected]
    99% uptime & 30-day money back
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    Ok guys, 3 spots filled! only ONE spot remaining!!

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    Ghostbone, you make 4! I accepted your ICQ invite, message me ok?

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    Can a mod please edit my first thread to show all spots filled? It's been too long to let me edit it

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    Originally posted by PaddysPlace
    Can a mod please edit my first thread to show all spots filled? It's been too long to let me edit it

    Please use the 'Report this post to a Community Leader' link for fastest response.

    Thread closed.
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