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    Another Angry Readyhosting Customer!

    Ok, so about two weeks ago, my site abruptly went down. A week later I got an email from (the place that readyhosting registers the domains from) stating that my domain was going to be deleted because I hadn't renewed it. Too bad I had never even received any prior notification that I was to renew it. So I call up readyhosting to renew my service. I give them my credit card number and they renew the account. Then the lady tells me she has to check if the domain is okay. She comes back and tells me if I want to keep the domain I have to pay a $125 fee to keep it. At this point I'm fed up and I just say I would like to cancel my service with them all together. Don't you know, even though I just read her my credit card info two seconds ago to renew the account, she won't let me close it on the phone because "she doesn't know who I am". So I leave a ticket asking for my account to be cancelled. It wasn't until almost 24 hours later that I received a reply stating I was to receive a $75 refund. Supposedly I was charged $25 handling fee, even though I had the account for less than a minute. Gee, I wish she had told me about the $125 domain reactivation fee BEFORE I renewed my service with them. This is absolutely ridiculous. READYHOSTING SCREWED ME! Their support couldn't have been more rude.

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    Nothing new here.
    Readyhosting seems to be very fond of overbilling. Their billing department is unorganized at best.

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