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    Will do work for VBulletin License

    I am offering my services in exchange for a VBulletin License.

    I don't mind if it's either new, already owned or leased, but if it's leased, let there be at least 4-6 months left for it.

    I have experience in these skill sets: HTML, php, MySQL, Photoshop, Flash

    I have previously constructed CMS, membership systems, news publishing systems, and am willing to take on anything new for a brief time.

    If you are interested my services, you can contact me via:

    Email: [email protected]

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    Just soema dvice, when your offering servcies it is best to provide a portolio or sampels of previous work. Don't mean to sound offensive in any way just letting you know that if you do that you will stand a better chance.

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    I will provide a link to my portfolio via PM to those interested.

    The reason I didn't add my portfolio is because lately I've been getting spam and people who message me wanting me to provide them free work, or some offer completely unrelated or an undercut to what I've been requesting.

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