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    Hello, - Up for a few months now and the site is going very strong but with hosting and my domain work its taking up alot of time and elitecoding is being pushed to the back.

    The site makes a few $'s normally 2/3 clicks aday = about $1 on adsense but you can also put other adds on the site.

    There are alot fo php snippetes listed on the site and this does help people with there php coding to look up small codes etc.

    Design - nice and done in html looks good and easy to navigate.

    Hosting side of elitecoding, we have had 5 signup's in the past 3 weeks its been up , just a little extra i added to the site to pass some bussiness my way.

    Forum - Opended today and hopefully next few days some people will signup and things will get moving on that front.

    Also the site gets between 60 - 100 uniques aday, we also have are own irc chatroom which gets busy at times with people discusiing php and webmaster related topics.

    Looking for offers, post here on talk to me on msn or aim!

    [email protected] - email/msn
    hchoicesupport - Aim

    Thank you and serious bids onlyElite Coding

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    Ok thanks,

    Highest offer is at 110 gbp by Brian On aim thanks for that.

    But please stop emailing me bids please also post your bids here!

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    Abhishek - Submit your site to 500+ SEO friendly directories - Point. Click. Edit. Works with existing site.

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    You mean 120 gbp yea?

    So Highest Offer now 120

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    140 @N NP Forum

    A 250 offer new buy out price

    Or the auction ends 11.59 pm GMT!

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