I am looking for an experienced remote admin who is capable of the following:
- VERY well experienced with Cpanel. I'm not talking about knowing how to use WHM and the /scripts/ directory, but actually knowing the backend of cpanel, the config files, what makes it tick, etc.
- 24/7 Cell Phone Contact
- Answering tickets throughout the day, its around 1-5 per day.
- Providing phone support only when requested by the company owner. Meaning, you will not be actually answering the phone calls, just would be forwarded to a client if needed. He would filter it for you, tell you what the client is experiencing and if you can just give him an answer.
- Rebuilding Kernel's when needed with grsec.
- Know the general aspects of security, what to allow, what to disallow. What to block, what not to block, etc.
- General Management of the server

- A contract will be signed between the company and you.
- You MUST be located in the US and speak fluent English. It must be your first language.
- You must have verifiable references

If you are located in or near Pittsburgh, PA, that is even better.

Please email all resume's to anthony[at]febox.com.