Hello, we're offering the folowing as a special only for WHT members... (limited to a few clients only)
The base is to have the smaller possible amount of clients per server (resellers), clients on this server will be from 5 to 20 only, depending on plan choices.
Note, the space also includes DAILY BACKUPS (as well as weekly and monthly), so the true space used on server is actually x2 or more.
Any question you have ... just let us know.

Order from here : https://secure.cascompany.com/billin.../index.php?v=5

Semi-Dedicated PROMO 30 : (1/20th of server)
10Gb Space
50Gb Bandwidth

Semi-Dedicated PROMO 50 : (1/12th of server)
20Gb Space
80Gb Bandwidth

Semi-Dedicated PROMO 75 : (1/8th of server)
40Gb Space
120Gb Bandwidth

Semi-Dedicated PROMO 100 : (1/5th of server)
60Gb Space
180Gb Bandwidth

Need Even more?
Let us know how much you need, and we will quote you.
we can give up to 200Gb Space per account!

Order from here :

All offers include :
- Xeon 2.4 Ghz Server on GNAX Premium Datacenter
- CPANEL / WHM Access (Reseller Account - *NO* root access)
- 2 IPs (shared) for your Own Nameservers
- Incredible Uptime
- All usual Cpanel/Whm features

Additionals :
2 Dedicated IPs = $4/month
8 IP Block (6 usable) = $12/month
10Gb Additional Space = $10/month
10Gb Additional Bandwidth = $15/month

Order from here :

* Final Note : Remember you have a "part" of a server, small or big, but a part, if you stress the CPU for example, you will have the choice to upgrade to a bigger plan accordign to your cpu usage, or to a dedicated server if needed. (ie. 1 user could not use 90% of cpu, so please, no ultra-busy forums sites or things like this, that require a dedicated server to run okey.)