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    rochen vs realwebhost

    after thorough searching (here and elsewhere), i have narrowed down my selection down to rochen and real web host. i was looking for a hoster who offered fantastico (i'm a noob at linux/php so i need the help) and was reliable (uptime,good track record,prompt cs,...). i pm'ed both with questions and they responded very quickly. i know there are a ton of others out there, but unless i have missed one (fill me in) i think these two are pretty good. cost wise realwebhost beats rochen. i just wanted to see if anyone had an opinion either way on the two.

    [side note: this is a real good forum, very informative. i am quite a noob at linux/php/hosting. i am a dba/.net developer. and being my first hosting experience i though i had to go w/ a big hoster (100k+ accounts). i had a paranoia that the small guys would close down and i'd lose everything. but you guys showed me that being small, doesn't mean bad (in most cases).]

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    I've not had the pleasure of working with RWH, so I cannot comment on them. I've seen Rochen in action (as an outsider, of course, however, there was a situation that affected a few folks and Rochen was caught in the middle and he came through like a responsible host) and I've talked to the owner a few times, so I don't think you'd be wrong going with Rochen in any shape.
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    I do not have any experience with Rochen but I would highly recommend RWH. After moving all of my accounts to RWH server as well as recommending them to family, friends, and my bosses spouse I have not had any difficulties. Minor question/problems have been resolved within two hours, or minutes over online chat. The owner Joey, has been very responsive and is always proactive rather that reactive with upgrading software and closing known security problems as soon as physically possible. -MB

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    I have been with realwebhost for a good while now and have no negative things to say, all things I can say are positive. So you can say I am biased because I have not even heard of Rochen. Joey and staff has always been helpful and had quick responses to any and all of my questions and concerns. So I would recommend them.

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    I have been with Realwebhost (who posts under RWH here) for about 3 weeks. All questions/issues have always been resolved within a couple hours (usually only a couple of minutes).

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    I'll also throw my hat in RealWebHost's corner. I hosted with them for a year, then re-sold through them for 10 months before moving to our own managed dedicated servers. RWH was always VERY helpful.
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    I would go with Rochen, consistently good host, received some excellent write ups in UK computer mags.

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    I've heard good things about Rochen... They seem to know what they're doing.

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    thanks, for the replies. but i notice that all the "actual" customer replies seem to be for realwebhost. are there any rochen customers who could offer a reply?

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    Can't go wrong with Rochen. I'm a current customer on their multi domain plan. Uptime is great & the staff keeps you informed on happenings. I've been with them since Dec 29, 2003 (a bit over 2 months).
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