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    Reliable dedicated hosting needed

    I'm sure there's a ton of posts like this. I'm almost blue in the face looking at all of the different dedicated hosting providers. I've read through many posts here, the specials forum, etc.

    I am coming from having my own colocated server for the past 8 or so years. Unfortunately a good deal has elapsed and I need to find a decent dedicated solution.

    I've gone through so many hosts, superb, servermatrix, rackspace, ait, cihosts, ev1, value, etc., looking at their offerings and trying to gather reviews. It seems everyone has had their bad experience with each that I've mentioned and many others.

    I'm looking for an affordable solution, with a decent server, doesn't have to be a super computer. I want linux hosting, with a control panel and support for more than 2 ip's. Most important, I want good support and great uptime. So some company that pulls the plug on hardware or software with no notice, they are out in my books. Can someone please just give me a straightforward and clear direction to a good host? I don't have hundreds of dollars a month to spend, so I realized I am handicapped by this fact.

    Thanks very much.

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    I'd recommend ServerMatrix or NDCTech
    John Kata

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    The Planet is a great datacenter (ServerMatrix works out of there). Just have to find the one who will work you better than they would. Check out the Dedicated Hosting Offers forum.

    GNAX Truly Fully Managed Dedicated Servers for the price of Unmanaged! #GNACORP coming soon

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    honestly... EVERY single host will have atleast 1 bad review or more .... you can't please everyone... especially those that won't everything for $99...

    anyhow... $200-$300 /month can get you some reliability on a dedicated box on a good network @ EV1 and ServerMatrix who are the current favourites... there are lots of variables involved...

    how much you know about administering your own box, how much support you would need, how much money can you afford (budget), configuration required etc...

    like i said... even the above two hosts have several complaints... but if you get a decent box without hardware problems... you should be fine @ either of those places... hmm... but isn't that almost everywhere?

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    Thanks for replies.

    After some research it appears SM is a good start for me.

    I have a lot of administration experience, I've been doing it for over 8 years now so I'm comfortable without a managed plan. SM seems to have the best overall package at a competitive rate.

    Thanks again!

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