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    * $40/month, 40 GB HD, 150 GB BGP4 BW!! Cpanel/WHM

    Only one slot available at this time!

    Own IP & Nameservers

    Athlon server 1800-1900+ or Pentium 4 2.4 HT, 512MB DDR, remote reboot port available, 40 Gigs storage, 150 Gigs bandwidth.

    Latest Cpanel/WHM stable, kernels updated, safemode off, secured, antivirus, remote reboot, bells & whistles.

    Contact directly to sign up, as it is not any listed plan.
    Ken O. TKO

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    is this still up for grabs?

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    Opened up another slot but it's pending..

    Last available slots are BGP4 multirouted at FDC Datacenter, have 1 opening, 5 free IPs, $40/month. Great reseller plan with unlimited domains, 48 hour setup.

    Another few spaces will open up over the next week also.
    Ken O. TKO

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    Any slots available?

    Hi Ken,

    Are there any slots available now or to be made available soon? Please contact me.


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