Are you looking for a host giving you the capability to cap your HTTP bandwidth? Do you want more control over your bandwith in case it exceeds your transfer quota?

With my hosting plans and my cooly custom-built ababa control panel, you can specify the transfer limit on any of your directory within your account. Is so good~

How does it WORK??
Let say you have set a transfer limit of 10kb/s for a directory, /home/sites/my_account/www. The HTTP connection for this directory will be maxed at 10kb/s ~ If two users are browsing your site, they will be sharing the 10kb/s equally. If one of the user is having a slow connection which can only browse at 3kb/s , then the left over 7kb/s will be given to the other user.

It is useful if you have large amount of downloads and dun want to exceed your quota in just one day. To prevent that happen, simply set a limit to your bandwidth quota~

This mini feature is exclusive to Yupapa and unique in the market place~~

If you are interested in my HTTP bandwidth cap option or hosting plans, please visit my hosting plans page @ http://www.yupapa.com/pccs.gateway?chnl=webhosting