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    "Live" Streaming Video Reseller or Hosting

    Hi there,

    I'm searching for a hosting reseller company that can provide "Live" Streaming video content. I thought about going dedicated but it seems very few people are doing this so the "How to's" are very scarce. Going Reseller or other may be better possibly.

    I have some potential clients requiring the following:

    1. A need for "live" webcam streaming content. Http using files for download or snapshots will not do apparently. They all want "Live" it seems.

    2. Either Windows or Linux is ok.

    Has anybody seen anything like this? Running Helix, Realmedia G2, Darwin, etc?

    I really need to find a way to provide/resell "live" streaming content to some clients.

    Thanks very much.

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    You need the host to provide content itself?

    If not, then many of us provide live streaming support on our server using different technologies but I'm really unsure about who provides "content" as well.
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    check out, they take streaming seriously. Actually, it seems a decent niche market...getting

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