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    Some business partners and I have been researching and examining their offers and network to determine if the low prices that they are offering are worth switching out of well-established dedicated providers (like, for instance). Our preliminary findings suggest that probably not, for established users, but new dedicated users might find the low prices and lower hardware specifications usable.

    The key problem we've encountered is that does not offer any customization or upgrading of servers whatsoever. Want additional IPs? Sorry, you're stuck with the first 8 per server. Want more hard drive space or RAM? Too bad ... they don't support customization. You're stuck with their Root I, Root II, and Root III configurations for the time being. Considering their top servers are merely Pentium IV's, and they lack Xeons for enterprise-level hyperthreading power, it seems like it'd be a mistake for a serious dedicated user to leave an established company to go to

    Has anyone else have any "caveats" or "warnings" you'd like to offer to prospective users of

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    All of the above, plus

    service is not great at all. But once you get the server and your competent at management then its great.

    I only use a server for backup facilities so upgrading is not a concern.

    I would not recomend them for hosting, misison critical sites, etc...

    Backup and personal use yes, professional use, no!
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    Originally posted by L Wisener I only use a server for backup facilities so upgrading is not a concern.
    Isn't it less expensive to use a second drive on the same machine? Or you are trying to lessen the risk?
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    No Offense Kaelon, but you're judging them a bit harsh, especially considering you've not used their service. IMHO, the only people qualified to give a review of a host, is a client or ex client of the host themselves. Flaming them for a business model you don't particularly care for is a bit unmerited. "Dennis", "SWR" , or "MIA" from time to time (whichever you prefer to call him) had a quote something like "there's no right host, only the host that's right for you" which stands true in this case. Based on the input & lack of true knowledge of the company, I'd have to say your post is without credibility in this case. RS has IP limitations as well, we all have server hardware limitations at some point, and we all have different service level offerings. My point is that probing for information is one thing, but it looks to me of more of an attack that hasn't really been justified at this time by you directly.

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    Re: - Critique

    Originally posted by Kaelon
    . . . Has anyone else have any "caveats" or "warnings" you'd like to offer to prospective users of . . .
    If you try them, they may work for you. If you don't try them, I see little reason that you would 'warn' others.

    There's enough information on this Forum from those with experience that I think it's safe to close this thread.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.
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