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    Dedicated Windows Multi Server Setup suggestions

    We are working with a client who wrote a robust MSSQL program.
    To give you an idea it uses a 1-10 ratio of web space to MSSQL space. So there is a lot of backend.

    Anyway I am not very familiar to Windows and we are looking to set up his servers.

    So the question is:
    Should we start with one server? or Set up more than one server (small server for web space and Big strong server for MSSQL)

    The software he's using will have websites that are around 500mb total with the above ratio. He wants to have around 20+ sites per server.

    Can anyone suggest how to set this up?

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    Definatly have a seperate SQL Server, preferably with SCSI drives and lots of RAM.
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    Sounds like with that large of a database he's going to have lots of traffic, equaling a heavy load for mysql, go with a seperate box for mysql. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    If you are looking for a multi-server setup, I would recommend looking at a MS SQL Cluster (2 SQL Servers + Disk Array) for the best performance and redundancy. Of course you could probably get a more accurate answer if you provide the maximum number of SQL connections that will be made at one time, size of a DB is one thing, how much it is utlized is the second key ingrediate for proper planning.

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    The best set up would be separate boxes for web and other services and one for MSSQL. Depending upon your situation, we have set up customers with all on one box with a migration plan to separate the db features as soon as the business can justify.

    MSSQL is a great program, however it is very resource intensive! The best is to have a high power machine for your SQL and the other server can be much less robust. Connect the two servers with a cross over cable so all querries do not go via public interface.

    I would set up your SQL server with Xeon processor(s) and min 1GB DDR RAM, more if you can afford it. Dual processors are nice, but they require an addl SQL license. I would recommend starting with a single processor and adding additional as the need/revenue can justify. Also, depending upon your budget, look at processors with larger cache if possible.

    Good luck.
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