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Thread: Unlimited IP

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    Unlimited IP

    Normally we will see the statement 'Unlimited storage/bandwidth' posted by hosting company here and there which make us suspicous +curious at the same time. Just wonder if the statement 'unlimited IP or domain' make sense?

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    Unlimited Domains make sense if you don't set a maximum number of domains they can host per account.

    Unlimited IP's make sense if you are following ARIN regulations and can provide them to your client.

    I wouldn't advertise Unlimited IP's though

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    I wouldn't advertise UnlimitedDomains either !! Clients seem to take it literally and want to host 200 domains in 1 GB. After a 1000 domains hosted on a machine...well...nothing more to say !!

    Also, somehow during Sales discussions...a general question that pops up is "How many domains do you host per machine"

    Answering that honestly with "Oh, about 1000 low traffic domains, we watch loads and take perfomance seriously" is a sure in hell way to lose that sale.

    Regarding IP's... Unlimited IP is advertised by some datacenter. Was with Dialtone once... they never kept requesting 5 IP's at a time and they kept sending. Last count was 150 IP's on 2 servers

    But IP allocations are difficult, and IP-required-for-SEO is not even an acceptable reason by ARIN rules. So, practically speaking...its rather difficult to lay hands on a large amount of IP's in a low cost.

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    Unlimited IPs is just like unlimited bandwidth imho, we dont charge for ip's, as long as a customer justifys them BUT theres no such thing as unlimited IP's, providers are only allocated a certain amount from ARIN, and Arins strict on regulating responsible use of those IP's. For a provider to offer unlimited ips is opening up the door to irresponsible IP usage, and theres no way a providers going to give you 16 class c's even if you could justify them all. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    I agree. They are running out, why would you need 150 for 2 servers!?!!? That's crazy. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    Unlimited domains would be fine on a well monitored server, nobody can offer unlimited IP's though as you'd have to justify your reasons for wanting unlimited IP's, and "just because" isnt going to work
    Of course the provider can set you up with as many IP's as you need if they are offering them for free - but as I said you would need a reason so they can pass that on.

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    I think........hmmm
    Unlimited IP can be but the domain I don't know

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    So can I say ppl are using multiple domains to attract more (increase) traffics to a single host?

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    as many IP's as you *need* subject to RIPE justification is what we say
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