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    Directing Domain name to subfolder of existing web?

    Not sure if this is possible or not but hopefully someone here will know. My website is being hosted on a Windows Server with IIS 5. We have a website that lives in a sub folder of our site. We have registered a new domain name for this mini website so it can be accessed directly.

    Let's called the main site and the newly registered name as The mini web is located at Ideally what we want to do is set something up so that when someone types in, they will be redirected to the files in but their address bar would STAY showing so it was transparent that they were really on our same primary site.

    Currently we have both sites pointing to the same IP address and have an ASP index file that reads where they are trying to go and directs to home.asp and to but it also then puts in the address bar. This is what we don't want to happen.

    Also when someone clicks a link within the yyyy site to go to, it should redirect it to but still show the in the address bar.

    Is there any way around this?


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    Hi kelemvor,

    If I'm understanding you right, then what I would do is:

    Set up two sites under IIS. One pointing to your main site directory and one pointing to the sub-directory. In the properties for the second site one the "Web Site" tab click the "Advanced" button. Now click add and add the domain you want to use (

    With this set up the first IIS site will anwser to anything that is not and the second site will answer to

    This is called name based hosting. You could try looking at for more help.

    I hope this helps. (and you can understand it, I'm not to good at typing what I think. )

    -ADDED - As long as all your links in the files for are reletive (../ and page.htm) then the user will not know any diff'

    If I can help anymore let me know.

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