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    Question Best Client Side Spam Filter

    I just started a new part time job and had the chance to get on-line. I noticed this business is getting hundreds of spam messages throughout the day. The employees have told me that their e-mail is just about useless because of it. I'd like to help them out, but unfortunately their site is hosted with another web host that offers no spam filtering.

    Anyone have any recommendations as to what could be run client side that is somewhat reliable?

    There are a few programs I've been looking at but wanted to see if anyone has some suggestions.

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    If your email client is MS Outlook you could give SpamBayes a try. It is not the standard rules based filter that leads to loads of wanted emails getting is based on Baysean filters. In a nutshell ...what that means is that it learns what spam is based on YOUR email patterns. You tell it the difference between SPAM and HAM. It learns and the longer it goes on the better it gets.

    I installed it a few weeks ago and I get around 500 spam mails per day. I was using MailWasher Pro ..but my isp complained saying it was filling their log files with rubbish. So I removed it. I investigated why it was making a mess of my ISP log files but really could not get any real information on that. got me looking for a new solution and I stumbled over Spambayes.

    WHAT a revellation this has been. A 2 second install and my fist spam emails were fed in. So far...I get around 10 emails in my ...Not Sure box. All my real email in my inbox (rarely will a spam get through) And 100% junk in my spam box.

    Now..I am not even bothered about spam. It no longer makes my morning hell.

    From this you would think I was selling this software or had something to do with it...but I don't. In fact it is FREE. It is opensource and you can download it free from sourceforge.

    To anyone who has not tried SpamBayes. You are missing the BEST free software known to man.


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    Re: Best Client Side Spam Filter

    Originally posted by mspottedhors
    Anyone have any recommendations as to what could be run client side that is somewhat reliable?
    I personally use Spam Sleuth from Blue Squirrel software and swear by it.. have tried Symantec's and McAffee's client side apps, but they didn't come close in features and funtionality.

    Think it's bluesquirrel . com

    As the tech contact for many websites, my email get's hammered all day every day.. and this does the trick.

    Try it out.. think there's a free trial, then $29 or something if you like it.

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    spamnet (beta is free, other is $2 a month) supports Outlook & OE

    Spampal supports both, and is FREE.
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